Piscicultura sostenible

Los problemas más graves de la acuicultura de peces actual han sido superados por un sistema de cultivo experimental que no precisa de químicos y que alimenta a los peces con proteínas de origen vegetal. Una genial idea que ha sido premiada por la revista Time.


The aquaculture technology of The Velella Mariculture Project has been named one of Time magazine’s “50 Best Inventions of 2012″ list. The $750,000 innovation—a drifting fish farm—claims to be a “farming method that has near zero environmental impact.”

The project raises a tropical yellowtail fish, the kampachi fish, in a single, unanchored, submersible net pen tethered to a manned sailing vessel drifting three to 75 miles off the Big Island of Hawaii, according to the the company press release. The kampachi fish consumed a sustainable commercial diet filled with soy and other agricultural proteins in lieu of fishmeal. The fish were not exposed to antibiotics, hormones or pesticides in the seven-month trial.